Film: "Kickstand"

Heavily inspired western film, this poster plays with pops of color and grungy texture. 

Film: "Stay Positive"

Because this drama deals with overcoming  HIV/AIDS stigma, the design is inspired by a sense of waiting for your HIV test results which can seem long and bleak.

Film: "Forever Cursed

Playing with horror conventions, this poster punctuates gore and plays with textures that provide subtle undertones of spells/ witch craft.

Film: "Jaspa' Jenkins"

This award-winning film's poster design was hand illustrated in the style of vintage, racist depictions of African-Americans, which speaks directly to the films tackling of racism in America. 

Film: "Rabbit's Foot"

The three protagonists are the focal point of this poster. Although the poster reads as serious with bits of action, there's a hint of humor.