Greenheart International
Greenheart is all about connecting people and planet. As the creative designer, I created a style guide not only to unify Greenheart's branding, but utilizing photography for storytelling, action, highlighting diversity,  and showcasing cultural exchange.


Client: "McTucky Fried High"

"McTucky Fried High" is a comedy animated web series for LGBTQ youth. As it is a cartoon, the branding had to be both inclusive and colorful. The logo was designed to be fun and in branding I decided to carry over the rainbow flag as it it a symbol of inclusivity within the LGBTQ community. Branding was designed to be easily implemented across all social media platforms from Youtube to Instagram and for both mobile and web. 

Youtube Page


Client: Columbia College Chicago
Columbia College Chicago wanted an app design that was easy to use that captured the college spirit. I also created the logo and used that to branch out and create the branding of the app. 


Client: American Institutes for Research (AIR)
Branding for the event "Powering the PrEPosition"was event put on by  American Institutes for Research (AIR) to tackle the intersection of public discourse on HIV and PrEP in media. After designing the logo, the other materials were branded using the same palette and feel to tie them together. As is evident by the power point, e-blast, animated logo, and program, the branding was an extension of the logo which ties directly into the notion of powering PrEP. 


Client: Family Community Connections

Family Community Connections  wanted branding and design that was colorful, inviting and recognizable to their clients.


Project: "Stay Positive"

"Stay Positive" is a short film showing the struggle and eventual growth of a teen coming to terms with his HIV status.
The overall branding for the materials including logo, DVD case, DVD labels, one sheet, Press Kit, Website design, were cohesively designed to reflect the serious and dramatic tone of the film.

Press Kit Design