I have always been a fan of the whimsical, odd, and different. As a kid, I was always doodling, drawing characters, and creating stories and scenarios. This passion carried over into adulthood as I obtained my BA in Mass Media Communications with a double minor in Illustration + Design and Film studies.  As such, graphic design, illustration and animation are still exciting forms of expression for me.

I've worked for and with clients of various sizes like Playboy, Clear Channel and other corporations to start-ups and non-for-profits. Regardless, I enjoy taking new approaches and having fun in whatever I'm creating .

I'm also an award-winning storyteller. CLICK HERE

Pronouns: He + They

A self-portrait

A self-portrait

Chicago Digital Media Production Fund Grantee
Weisman Award Grantee
3rd Place Best Animated Film: North America Anime' Arte
A.K Talbot Leadership Award - Salisbury University 



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